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Safety In Use

  • How does the eyeWitness app keep me safe while I’m recording?

    The risk of recording sensitive information is always present but user safety is one of the most important considerations we take! You can find out more about the individual ways we do this below, but the main ways we keep you safe is by disguising the app and allowing you to quickly erase it if necessary. Our emergency delete function allows you to quickly delete the app and all its information should you be in danger. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can also change the icon on your home screen to fit the appearance of a normal camera app.

  • What if someone searches my phone?

    The secure gallery, where all footage recorded with the app is stored, is hidden so that any footage you take can only be accessed by you. If the app is tested as a normal camera (not in secure mode) the images will go straight to your normal gallery, like your usual mobile phone camera.

  • If the app records location metadata, isn’t my location trackable?

    The collection of location data for verification of your footage is only active when the eyeWitness app is open. We will only have access to this information if you decide to upload your footage to the secure server. eyeWitness do not track you at any point. But beware of other applications that will leak your location at all times if your device sensors are switched on!

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