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Access & Ownership

  • Who has rights to the footage I upload onto eyeWitness’s secure server?

    By submitting footage to eyeWitness you agree that the information sent may be used for justice. eyeWitness owns the copy it receives but with the understanding that we will only share the information to promote justice for the violations captured. If you choose to identify yourself during registration, eyeWitness will contact you before sharing your information. Find out more about how your footage can be used for justice from our Accountability page.

  • What if I save a copy for myself?

    All footage taken with the eyeWitness app may be saved and shared by the user with whoever they like. The copy you save is yours! We can also verify your copy to support your own accountability goals. But remember any footage saved in your normal gallery will not be encrypted or hidden from view.

  • What if I lose my copy of the photo or video, can I get it back from eyeWitness?

    eyeWitness does not share back data with any of its users, we can only verify that we have a copy of your information. If you identify yourself during registration of the app and have saved a copy, eyeWitness can verify your saved copy of the footage with the original file in our database. If you are an anonymous user and have not saved your own copy, eyeWitness cannot retrieve your information for security reasons.

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