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  • How will using the EyeWitness app make justice more likely?

    The eyeWitness app verifies your footage by recording the information needed to make your photos and video admissible in court. When you submit your footage to eyeWitness, a team of legal analysts review all information received to build dossiers that can later be sent to accountability mechanisms for justice.

  • Do I have to disclose my identity as a witness to a crime?

    If you choose to be an anonymous user your identity will be protected, since we do not collect any identifying data from your device. Your safety is of utmost important to us, find out more about how the eyeWitness app can protect you from our Safety in Use page.

  • Can I choose how my photos and video are used?

    If you choose to disclose who you are during registration of the app, you will be given the opportunity to provide consent on where your footage is sent. eyeWitness will contact you before submitting your information to investigators.

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